These Preemie Twins Who Keep Holding Hands Are Capturing People’s Hearts


These twins are only days old, but a video of them is already capturing people’s hearts.

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Australian mother Anthea Jackson-Rushford uploaded a short video of her newborn twins recently, and days later, it has gone viral. The clip shows her twins Kristian and Kristiana holding each other’s hand as they lay still on their father’s chest.

Right after the video was released, it attracted millions of viewers. Only a week after it was posted on January 13, the video has amassed almost 10,000,000 views.

The infants were delivered on January 4, and although they were born premature at 28 weeks and only weighs 0.99 kg, doctors discovered no major health problems. Recent studies have it that babies who are born premature now have a bigger chance of survival compared to the previous years.

In the video, their father, Glen, cuddled his two angels, a skin-to-skin contact that is known as the kangaroo care. According to medical professionals, this type of human contact improves a premature baby’s overall well-being and health.

A lot of people have been touched by the heartwarming sight, saying that the way the twins held each other’s hands is a reflection of the tight bond they will share as siblings.

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