These Toddlers Look So Much Like Celebrities …They Can Star in their own Remakes

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How would you want to have a stunt double but on a much smaller scale? The practical application of that may not be for you, but these celebrities will certainly beg for these toddlers who look just like them to star in their respective film on a parallel universe just before they mature and take another form. One can just imagine the bewilderment this will bring to both the cast and the audiences alike. Please indulge yourself in these sightly comparisons.

Robin Williams as Mrs. Doubtfire


Dexter Morgan


The Big Lebowski‘s John Goodman


Austin’s Mini-Me


It’s Always Sunny for Danny De Vito



Little Miss Bridget Jones


Brian Baumgartner


A-Rod Alex


Singer John Legend


Irish Star Collin Farrell



The Multitalented Wallace Shawn


Gandalf the White


R & B Singer Rihanna


Family Feud‘s Mario Lopez


Award-Winning Actress Kate Winslet



Comedian Bill Maher


Rapper Jay Z


The Boisterous Chris Farley


Music Icon Billy Idol


Golfer Tiger Woods




King of Rock and Roll, Elvis Presley


Actor William Macy


Fight Club‘s Brad Pitt


Russian President Vladimir Putin


Erik Stonestreet aka Cameron Tucker




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