This Couple Can’t Bear a Child …When They Decided to Adopt a Baby, They Received Another Miracle



Every couple has only one wish—to have a baby. But not everyone pair is lucky enough to be granted with one. This couple, for example, found it hard to conceive a baby even after years of trying, so they chose to adopt a baby instead. Using the process of IVF, a $30,000–$60,000 process that involves the process of manually combining an egg cell and sperm cell in a laboratory dish, then transferring the resulting embryo to the uterus of the requesting woman, Sarah and Andy Justice took the chance with fingers crossed.

After the process, doctors eventually disclosed that Sarah is an expectant mother of a triplets when she went for her first ultrasound. The couple could never been more excited. The babies, named Hannah, Elizabeth, and Joel, weighed only 3 pounds each when they were born. They stayed in the neonatal intensive care because they were conceived two months earlier than expected.



A week following the delivery, Sarah decided to schedule an appointment with a doctor because she was feeling a bit unusual. After a series of examinations, Sarah’s suspicion was confirmed by the doctor: she’s pregnant with twins.

The happiness of the couple was doubled that they went int panic. “But we were very happy,” she said in an interview. “We really felt this was something God wanted us to do. And sometimes, when you follow God’s will in one thing, it leads to the next thing.”

Welcoming the twins, the Justice family instantly grew to seven from two in less than a year. The babies go through 300 diapers and can drink up to 84 bottles of milk in just a week. Though the couple can barely sleep at night, they claim that their hands are full with blessings and that they would not want it the other way. “God has a great sense of humor,” they delightedly added.


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