This is What Christmas is All About …See How This Couple Made it So!

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There is nothing more amazing than seeing excited couples going through the adoption process. While some toddlers are waiting to have permanent homes, other parents are looking to have their own little bundles of joy. Once they meet, they find joy and love in one another, even if they aren’t really related by blood. Once they find permanent homes, these orphans grow up as better persons.


Here’s a beautiful adoption story you should read about. One day, a couple came up with an idea of turning their adoption into an actual Christmas miracle.





In an effort to surprise their daughters with a newly adopted brother, these parents hid the baby under the Christmas tree and asked them to go downstairs to see a surprise.


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At first, they felt as if they were about to lose their mind. But eventually, that feeling was replaced with immeasurable joy.




The boy is named Nathan. Looking at the faces of the kids, it seems that he’s going to have a great and loving family.


This is what Christmas is all about.



Watch the video below.


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