Pitiable Baby Being Flown Out From the Car

Toddler Survives Being Thrown Out of a Car in Russia

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One of the dangers of winter is driving on a wet and slippery road. Roads are unusually slippery because of the snow during winters. It is advised by road safety groups and other government agencies to make sure your car is fit to drive on slippery roads during winter. It is advised to use tires that have more traction, to make sure your car’s brake work properly and always drive with your seat-belt put on. If you have a child, make sure to have the child’s seat secured in case of accidents.

A video by a motorist captured a shocking accident in Russia. Driving on a slippery road on a winter day, a gray SUV suddenly lost control and hit an oncoming truck. A toddler was thrown out of the back window of the SUV. The toddler is seen on the middle of the road. Another oncoming truck barely missed the toddler and before another truck could hit the baby; her father was able to grab her to safety.


Watch the shocking video below.

Let this video serve as a warning. Drive slowly and carefully during winter especially if you are driving with your children in the car. Check if your car has any problems before going out for a drive.

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