This Touching Bond Between a Little Boy and his French Bulldog will Make You Say AWW



A dog is well-known to be a man’s best friend, and this baby and French bulldog puppy from Chicago are proving just that, starting their relationship early.

Baby Dilan and his French bulldog puppy named Farley are completely attached to one another. They bathe together, eat together, and nap together. Dilan’s mom, Ivette Ivens, has been taking pictures of them from the time she noticed that the two make a good pair.


“Farley is always following Dilan. Wherever Dilan goes, he goes. They are completely inseparable,” said Ivette.


Farley likes to go swimming with Dilan and playing other kinds of stuff. When they’re both sleeping, Farley tries not to snore so Dilan won’t be disturbed as he sleeps.


Dilan thinks they’re brothers, and so does Farley. Ivette also said that she thinks they’re both the same species because they walk at the same level, and they both agree at everything they do.


Dilan always smiles whenever Farley is around. They’re both really happy to have each other, and Ivette loves seeing them together.



Farley joined the family five months ago and has spent every moment with Dilan, not to mention that they have the same birthday.

A helping paw: Dilan's mother, photographer Ivette Ivens, says Farley and licks Dilan's neck when he cries to make the baby laugh

“I saw Farley’s birth date and just knew it’s meant to be,” said Ivens. “Farley helps me a lot, actually. He cleans up Dilan’s mess after he eats and always licks Dilan’s neck if he is crying, so he starts laughing out loud. It’s pretty cute.”

'Meant to be': The two have been inseparable every since Farley joined the household five months ago

Farley is very gentle to Dilan and can also be clumsy at times too. It can’t be helped, he’s only a baby like Dilan.


Ivens loves to take photos of the lovable pair at random times every day. In fact, she’s always right beside them looking and observing their cuteness 24/7.

Nap time: Baby Dilan and French bulldog puppy Farley. Dilan's mom Ivette says Farley tried not to snore when they are sleeping in the same bed

French bulldogs are known to be very sweet to their owners and make excellent companions. They’re the so-called companion breeds that require love and affection from their owners.

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