Twins Born Holding Hands …Touching Pictures of their Bond for Life


This amazing story caught the attention of international news channels globally and left many doctors speechless. Two twins were born while holding hands. The phenomenon still baffles their parents and doctors alike.

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Couple Sarah and Bill Thistlethwaite of Orville, Ohio, greeted their lovely twin girls in May last year. Just seconds after breaking away from their mother’s womb, the newborns clinched each other’s hands and moved millions of people who saw their photo.

The situation in itself is very rare because the babies are mono mono twins, which means they share the same amniotic sac, a case that only happens once in 10,000 twin pregnancies. There is also the possibility that in some cases, one of the twins won’t make it due to complications with the pregnancy. Moreover, Sarah was forced to give birth prematurely at just 33 weeks.

However, despite the odds, both twins, named Jenna and Jillian, came out healthy, born just 45 seconds apart via C-section.

Sarah said in a TV report, “Everything was just so wonderful. The girls, they came out, and then they were holding hands, which was crazy.”

A year after the amazing event, Sarah reports that the girls are just as close as the day they were born. The miracle babies are as happy, healthy, and inseparable as ever.

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