Twins Struggling to Survive After Birth Hold Hands in an Incubator

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They say that twins have an unbelievable connection that the two of them could only understand.

Hannah Moore and her partner, David Johnstone, were pretty excited after receiving the news that they would be having twins.

However, during their birth, Lily and Grace Johnstone held hand in hand for their dear life as they battled the fate ahead of them. The twins were born 13 weeks earlier than their due, and they only both weighed two pounds.

For several weeks, they spent their time apart from each other, and they fought bravely. The medical personnel decided to reunite the pair in an incubator, and as they lay side by side, they both reached each other and joined hands for the first time. The adorable moment was captured in this picture below.

Now both of them are one year old, and they are healthy as ever.

“The fact that they held hands in hospital throughout their battle for survival just gave each other strength,” Moore said. “I don’t know if they could have done it without each other.”

During the twenty-sixth week of Moore’s pregnancy, the doctors concluded that the twins had already rotated into the position ready to be born.

Days later, Moore underwent a cesarean section at Edinburgh Royal Infirmary to give birth to the twins, who were put on ventilators to aid their respiration. Due to the fact that Lily developed an infection, she and Grace had to be separated from each other until her conditions are treated with antibiotics.

When they were finally together again, they grabbed each other’s hands. Moore said, “It was such an emotional moment. It was as though they were both reassuring each other that they were going to pull through. It was absolutely amazing to see.”





When they have made a complete recovery, they went to their Broxburn home in West Lothian. Since then, they were inseparable.

“Even if I just take one to have their nappy changed, the other cries until she comes back. They love being together. They are always giggling and smiling at each other. They will be best friends for life,” Moore had added.


Check out this video about the twins.

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