This Video of Mom Getting Her 4 Kids Ready for Bed Is Winning the Internet!


Being a mother is a tough job. If you have more than one child, the difficulty level rises. One mom shows us how to deal with four toddlers all at once. This is not something just anybody can do.

A mother from Canada posted a video of herself getting her four toddlers dressed.

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Corrie-Lynn Whyte from Ontario, Canada, is mother to two-year-old Emily, and eight-month-old triplets Olivia, Jackson, and Levi.

Her partner Dan Gibson said he was shocked that they had conceived the triplets naturally. They would go from a family of three to family of six. He did not believe Corrie-Lynn at first, and he almost “passed out” when he saw the ultrasound.

Their large family is amazing but a lot of work according to Gibson.

Since they kept receiving questions, they created a blog called The Baby Gang so they could share their experiences with other parents.

A lot of people, especially moms like her, watched Whyte’s video and praised her for her amazing “momming” skills. Since the video was uploaded on February 4, it has been viewed more than 34 million times already.

Mr. Whyte expected that they would never be able to sleep again now that they have to take care of another three babies, but he said that it isn’t all that exhausting and that they find it incredible instead.

He said, “It’s just a really cool experience, it’s been completely amazing.”

Mr. Whyte says that his wife deserves all the good words she receives, although Corrie-Lynn remains humble about it.

“Every mom is a super mom and I agree with her,” he said.

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