When Infant Meets Pet Beagle For the Very First Time …An Instant Bonding

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For a few months, Scott and his wife decided to keep their new baby and dog apart because they feared how the dog would react when it sees their son. However, they knew they couldn’t keep them apart forever, so they decided to finally introduce them to each other.

But as shown in the video at the bottom, it turned out that the two were very delighted when they finally met. It is also apparent that the beagle was waiting for this moment for quite some time because of how excited he was.


You can hear the father giggling and laughing from behind the camera over the way the beagle crawled around, rolled on his back, and stared at the baby, like telling him that he wanted to be rubbed and petted. This beagle-baby duo will warm your heart and keep you giggling for the next minute or two.

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A lot of people say that introducing and keeping dogs while you have a baby at home is dangerous. Yet time and time again, dogs have proven that they like babies and that they can be a protective and loving family member.



Watch the full video of the encounter below.

Here’s another related video:

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