Born With Two Front Teeth

Meet the Special Baby Girl Born with Two Front Teeth

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Babies are the most precious gifts in this world, and all parents couldn’t agree more to that. The joy of seeing their child for the very first time is an indescribable feeling. Unfortunately, getting pregnant can be a difficult task for some families. So when the time finally comes, the would-be parents understandably feel a mixture of anticipation and anxiety.

For first-time parents Samantha Lines and Jason Doombs, their baby girl Ella-Rose was definitely a long overdue gift. They had been trying to conceive for years until Samantha finally got pregnant with Ella. But little did the couple know, their little bundle of joy had a few more surprises up her sleeve.

Baby Girl Born with Two Front Teeth Astonishes Parents

Forty-two-year-old Jason Doombs and 29-year-old Samantha Lines dubbed their baby girl Ella-Rose as the lucky baby. They followed all of their doctor’s pieces of advice just so Ella could be delivered safely.

When Samantha’s due date rolled in, she underwent what was described as a “long and difficult” labor and eventually had to push through with her caesarean section. Everything went incredibly well until the medical staff checked on the newborn girl. Imagine how surprised the couple was when midwives came in to inform them that their one-of-a-kind baby was born with two tiny white incisors!

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Rare Case of Baby

While most babies don’t develop their teeth until six months, little Ella-Rose’s pearly whites were clearly visible. Even new mom Samantha was not aware of how rare of a case being born with two front teeth was.

“It wasn’t until I came to and somebody told me that it actually sunk in that this was such a unique thing. The doctors have told me that it’s very rare for this to happen,” Samantha told the Daily Mail. “I’ve been told that I have to keep an eye on the teeth in case they fall because they could be a choking hazard.”

The family is taking extra care when it comes to handling the newborn baby. Samantha is mostly worried about breastfeeding Ella-Rose as her incisors be a painful problem. But seeing how they waited so long to finally have her makes all the hard work worth the sacrifice in the end.

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