Baby Pygmy Hippo Takes His First Swim At Melbourne Zoo

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The miracle of life is truly wonderful.

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In the video below, witness a 3-week-old baby pygmy hippopotamus, named Obi, take his first dip into the waters in Melbourne Zoo. Under the provision and help of his mother, Petro,  he ventured into the deeper parts of the water to take his first swim.



He was hesitant at first , but Obi got the hang of it and started to swim with gusto.


“He loves the water and spends hours in the small pool, so he is ready for the next step,” Wild Sea Manager Justin Valentine said in a press release.


Obi’s name was derived from a regional Nigerian language which means “heart”. For the first time since 1981, he was the first pygmy to be born at the zoo. Obi was 5 kilos during his birth, and now, weighs 13 kilograms.


Although this little baby looks like he was a little hesitant to jump in the water right away, he quickly got the hang of it and started swimming. His reaction to jumping in the water for the first time was absolutely precious!



According to the zoo, pygmy hippos “are classified as endangered in the wild, however, due to their dense rainforest habitat their exact population size is unknown.”


Watch the heartwarming video of his first splash below

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