Two Onesies

When Mom Notices Her Baby’s Two Onesies, She Gets the Surprise of a Lifetime!

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Becoming a parent is always a wonderful experience, particularly for those who are blessed to experience it for the first time. Take Naae and Mark for example. The brand-new parents were more than elated to welcome their baby boy Zyaire to the real world.

So with their little bundle of joy, the two planned a special baby shower to debut Zyaire to their friends and family. Little did Naae know, the day was not just going to be centered around the celebration of their first son but also the start of a new chapter in their lives.

Mom Noticed Her Baby’s Two Onesies… After Taking One Off, She Starts to Cry!

For many couples, a new addition to the family is a symbol of greater things to come. Oftentimes, it marks a new stage in their special relationship. That’s definitely what was on Mark’s mind when he and Naae hosted a baby shower in front of their closest friends and family.

Little Zyaire was born in February 2017, and in just a few weeks later, the proud parents were ready to show him off to the world. Everything was going exactly as planned at first until Naae was caught off guard by something she least expected.

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Surprised by Her Own Son

Unwrapping her bundle of joy

The biggest surprise of the night happened when one of Naae’s friends handed over Little Zy while informing the clueless mother that there was something waiting for her beneath her own baby. Confused as to what was happening, she began to unwrap the plush yellow blanket and discovered that Zy was adorably dressed in a bright-blue onesie.

When Naae was once again instructed to unsnap the blue onesie, she discovered that Zy was dressed in yet another one underneath. But as soon as she read what was printed directly on the onesie, she quickly burst into tears.

One happy family

Turns out, the message was from none other than Mark himself. He asked Naae to spend the rest of her life with him by being bounded by marriage. It was certainly one of the most romantic marriage proposals in history! Little does Baby Zyaire know, he played an integral part in the special union of his own parents.

To top it off, Mark had hidden an engagement ring beneath the onesie to seal the deal. Naae said yes, of course! Now the couple has even greater things to look forward to as a family.

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