Young Ballerina Left Blind and Paralyzed by Brain Tumor Returns to the Stage After 3 Years 

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She had been suffering from crippling back pain, but Anna Mott remained clueless about what caused it since even her doctors gave no accurate diagnosis. But she was devastated when a year later, she was told that it was because of a brain tumor.

Pineoblastoma brain tumor—the disease that slowly crippled pre-professional ballerina Anna Mott. By the time she turned 18, she already had 33 chemotherapy and radiation treatments. Thankfully, the 33rd session was her last as she was told in June 2013 that she emerged victorious against the deadly disease.

Unfortunately, the young woman from Marietta, Georgia, was left totally blind and paralyzed by the years of cancer treatment. With her burning passion for ballet, she used the dance as she learned to walk again.

And just last year, 2015, Mott finally graced the center stage again to do a solo performance at the Jennie T. Anderson Theater.

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Anna was “born a ballerina,” and she started doing what she love since she was three. Her dream was to be a professional ballerina. Her father, Steve, knew it was her natural gift.

Mellisa, Anna’s mother, could still remember the time her daughter started feeling the pain caused by the tumor in 2012. She was practicing for her performance titled The Nutcracker by then, but even though she was obviously aching, Anna chose to dance through the agony and endured the pain.

But after the show, the pain became worse that Steve had to carry his daughter to their car. Summer of the same year, Anna had a headache too bad she couldn’t even walk.

According to the CT scan, a mass was found at the center of her brain. She then learned that time that she had a brain tumor.

Anna had a lot of cognitive deficits.  Her mother shared that at one point, she became unresponsive and vegetative after undergoing numerous surgeries.  However, her love for ballet never changed, so her therapist immediately decided to incorporate the dance into the therapy when she found out that she was a ballerina.

She was able to perform again with a portable bar as her aide in a group number with her fellow ballerinas.

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