Mom Goes To Teen Son’s Funeral

Bikers Escort Funeral of Young Boy Who Loved Motorcycles

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In the natural order of life, parents should never bury their children. But illness, accidents, and other tragic events are inevitable. It is true that losing a child can easily become a parents’ worst nightmare. Aside from having to grieve the physical loss, they are faced with the realities that hopes and dreams they once shared with the child can never be realized.

No one knew what this type of pain felt like more than Aubrey Ashley. The mother of two lost her son Teegan after the teen struggled with a debilitating disease his whole life. At Teegan’s funeral, Aubrey was given the surprise of her a life: a heartwarming escort from the neighborhood bikers.

Bikers Escort Funeral of Late Teen

Shortly after his birth, Teegan was diagnosed with propionic acidemia, a metabolic disorder that causes him to lack enzymes to digest proteins. Throughout his life, Teegan endured an excruciating amount of pain. He suffered from malnutrition due to lack of protein in his system and experienced other neurological concerns that caused him to be confined to a wheelchair.  While Teegan was fortunate to live beyond the expected time his doctors gave him, his family were already prepared for the worst. At just fourteen years old, Teegan died in the arms of his beloved mother, Aubrey.

“So many times in his life when he would dip down really low and become very ill and he would just come back with a big smile on his face and he touched so many peoples’ hearts,” Ashley told Inside Edition. “He was just such a light in this world and just such a fighter.”

Aubrey’s ex-husband—and Teegan’s biological father—worked at a Harley-Davidson. This was where their son inherited his love for anything related to motorcycles and bikes. So to make his final sendoff extra special, local bike groups banded together to show their support for the family.

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Bikers Escort Funeral

A group of 30 or so bikers from The Litas Idaho Falls, Bikers for Christ, and the Grand Teton HOG paraded behind Aubrey during Teegan’s funeral. Seeing a huge group of bikers escort funeral of a young boy truly was an emotional day for the whole community.

Teegan’s special gift for his younger brother

Ten years after Teegan was born, Aubrey gave birth to her second son, Cohen, who was diagnosed with the same condition. But thanks to the medical studies conducted by doctors on Teegan, little Cohen became the first propionic acidemia patient to ever receive a successful transplant. He is now four years old and is experiencing fewer complications than his older brother did.

Though Aubrey’s heart still breaks over the loss of Teegan, she is still thankful for the memories they shared. Aubrey also can’t help but feel proud of her son’s contribution to the medical field as it was his resilience and selflessness that gave several PPA patients a brighter outlook on life.

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