Blind Sisters Overcome with Joy as They See the World for the First Time!


Life alone is hard, but it can get even more unbearable for those who are born with physical impairments. Some of these people have to endure waking up every day not being able to see, hear, or walk for as long as they should because they don’t have enough bucks to undergo medical processes.

Siblings Anita and Sophia were stuck in the same situation, but through the efforts of a nonprofit org, they were given the chance to finally see the world.

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Hailing from India, Anita and Sonia were unfortunately both born blind. If only they had $300 to spare for a simple procedure, they could have long escaped the hellish life of being unable to see, but because their parents, who work as farmers, earn only 17 cents an hour, they felt like there was no hope . . . until an organization extended a helping hand.

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Thanks to the efforts of 20/20/20, a nonprofit organization that aims to restore vision to adults and blind children in some of the world’s poorest countries, the sisters saw the world for the first time.

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How the siblings reacted after their bandages were removed would be the most priceless thing anyone would ever witness. Six-year-old Anita was heard saying, “I can see, Mommy,” the very first second she opened her eyes. Sonia, on one hand, was left speechless and just let out a deep gasp when she saw the sunlight.

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The organization writes on their Web site, “It is an amazing experience to watch a child or adult who was blind open their eyes and see. Some gasp, some cry, some scream with joy. Some are too stunned to do anything except look around them and take it all in.”

The sister are reportedly doing well, enjoying a whole new life with their vision. Sonia is expected to start attending school.

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