Blind Woman Receives 3-D Printed Ultrasound so She can Feel What her Baby

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Most expectant moms get the chance to get their very first picture of their baby during the ultrasound. Unfortunately, if you’re a mom-to-be who’s blind, the ultrasound visit might be a less exciting experience.





“Meeting Murilo”, a video posted by the Brazilian branch of Huggies, shows the world how one blind woman was able to share the extraordinary moment of receiving her first ultrasound, even if she couldn’t see it. Tatiana Guerra, 30, has been blind for almost half her life and now mainly experiences the world through touch.

“If you could touch him, would that let you know what he’s like?” her doctor asks. When Tatiana said yes, he presented her with a 3D-printed rendering of the ultrasound that she can touch and use to “meet” Murilo in a way she otherwise couldn’t until he was born.



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“That’s an image of your son. See if he feels the way you think he does,” the doctor said. With tears in her eyes, Tatiana replied, “I’m very happy to meet Murilo before he’s born”.

Augusto Cruz Neto explained the technology behind the 3D ultrasound image. He said, “We have adopted a cause and took advantage of 3D technology to honor all mothers — including those who can’t see — in this very important moment of motherhood, which is the ultrasound exam.”

The 3D image of Murilo’s face came with the words, “I am your son”, which are written in braille.



Watch the video below:

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