Boy With One Hand Finds Adoptive Father With the Same …Incredible!

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Little Kirill may look like your ordinary boy, but a birth defect put him in a state where he needs more care than other children. Born without a hand, he was put up for adoption in his home country, Kazakhstan. His condition made it hard for him to find someone who would take him in.

But like what they always say, a miracle is just always there, waiting for the right moment. A couple who longed for a child came across a photo of Kirill, and what was supposed to be a miracle for them turned out to be a miracle for the whole family.

Doug and Lesley Facey from Newfoundland, Canada, had been looking for a child to adopt for the past three years. When they came across Kirill, they knew their long journey was over. Doug Facey’s father, Chris, was born without a right hand too, so they all knew he was the right child.

Grandpa Chris was delighted when he saw the photo of the now 4-year-old Kirill, stating that he couldn’t be any more honored to be his grandfather.

The Faceys and their new son, Kirill, traveled back to Canada on September 13 for the young boy to meet his grandparents, an encounter that was captured in photos.

It turned out to be a tear-inducing moment when Grandpa Chris showed his new grandson his arm, telling him that he isn’t any different from him.

“Kirill looked at it, touched it, and they did a ‘stump bump.’ Now that’s their thing!” Lesley Facey said.

Kirill quickly adapted to his new home, playing with his new toys, and slowly learning English each day. With his grandfather around as a mentor and an inspiration as well, the boy found the best person to guide him along the way.

Going through life with only one hand had never hindered Grandpa Chris, so he knew Kirill would get the best chance he possibly could.

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