This Little Boy Worried For His Future

Little Boy’s Priceless Reaction to This Gender Reveal Is Absolutely Adorable


Learning the gender of your unborn baby will be a moment you will cherish for life. In the past, the surprise usually ends in the labor room but times have definitely changed. Medical advancements have now allowed families to find out the baby’s gender early on. This often leads to all those creative gender-reveal announcements you see all over social media. From adorable photo shoots to grand parties, there is no shortage of ways to announce the arrival of your baby boy or girl.

Married couple Joel and Courtney Parlour were looking to surprise their loved ones with their mini gender-reveal party. Little did they know, the most camera-worthy reaction would come from their adorable son!

Little Boy’s Reaction to Gender Reveal Will Leave You in Stitches

Who doesn’t enjoy a loving gender reveal video? You can browse through a dozen of them online and rest assured, you’ll end up smiling from ear to ear even if you don’t know the family personally. After all, new life is something that is always worth celebrating.

For their second child, Joel and Courtney Parlour decided that they were going to record the announcement of their newest family member with a little help from their youngest son. Mom Courtney was behind the camera recording her husband Joel and the young boy. Joel can be seen holding a black balloon with the corresponding color of confetti waiting inside.

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Joel and Courtney Parlour Son

As soon as Joel and the boy carefully pop the balloon with a knife, a burst of pink confetti scatters on the floor indicating that the family is expecting a baby girl. The moment was both heartwarming and exciting to watch unfold. However, the real fun happens as the video nears to a close. Turns out the little boy is not too happy that he is about to share his space with a sister in the future. He responds with an adorable “oh no!” and proceeds to walk off the screen.

The hilarious video may be short but the boy’s final reaction is definitely priceless. Hopefully, he does learn to accept his sister as soon as she arrives. You can’t help but congratulate this adorable little family!

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