6-Year-Old Acting Creepy

Home Surveillance Camera Captures 6-Year-Old Acting Creepy

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All parents would agree, having kids is one of the best experiences in the world. But as children grow older, it becomes harder to keep track of everything they do, especially when parents can’t be with them physically all the time. So many have turned to great measures to ensure their kids are always safe and sound.

For Cody Wray, the doting dad makes sure that he always has his family’s safety as his number one priority. So he decided to go with a practical yet efficient route: a home security system. Little did Cody know, he was about to stumble upon something astonishing caught on camera.

Dad Catches 6-Year-Old Acting Creepy on Camera

Cody Wray makes it a point to discipline his children. He reminds them to respect other people’s property and to refrain from extreme roughhousing that could result in injury. With a home security camera, not only could he keep watch of his kids, but he could also make sure that strangers don’t break into their home without him knowing about it.

One time, when Cody was making a routine check through the security camera footage, he noticed his 6-year-old acting creepy on camera. Dylan appeared to be wide awake at 2:00 a.m. and actively dancing to his own tune. But was the young boy sleepwalking? Or was he simply goofing around at the wee hours of the morning?

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Turned out, Dylan was merely breaking the house rules while everyone was fast asleep. One of the rules was to avoid wrecking any of the furniture, so he decided to start jumping on the family couch and punching it. In the video shared by his parents, Dylan can be seen doing cartwheels and flipping around the room.

Instead of punishing the boy, his parent found the situation extremely funny. Cody, who hails from Texas, uploaded the hilarious video on Facebook. He included a screen capture of Dylan’s face, the last image that was taken right before the precocious kid unplugged the camera. A lot of people were amused by the video, and it quickly went viral.

Many have pointed out the video’s similarity to footage from the Paranormal Activity franchise. But there certainly isn’t anything to be afraid of here—all it shows is a mischievous young boy wreaking a little havoc at night!

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