Chad Bramlet

Country Singer Chad Bramlet Announces Pregnancy with a Fun Song


In this modern age, merely posting on Facebook or other social media sites that you have a bun in the oven is not enough. Most couples and families think of the wackiest and most creative ways possible to announce a pregnancy. From adorable cards to imaginative photo shoots, there is no shortage of what people come up with just so they can announce a pregnancy in a way that is special, creative, and unforgettable.

You would think that a ninth baby announcement might be a challenge for Idaho-based country singer Chad Bramlet and his family. But he and his brood nailed the adorable song number as they welcomed their newest member.

Watch Chad Bramlet and His Family Announce Their New Baby

A new baby is always something worth throwing a party for, and it really doesn’t matter if it’s your first or fourth child! So how do you break the wonderful news to your friends and family? While some people send a simple message or upload a photo of the sonogram online, Chad Bramlet decided to go the extra mile.

The singer, together with his wife and their eight kids, recorded a video of them singing the Rodney Atkins song “Watching You” inside their carThey changed the lyrics a bit and used the song to sing about the upcoming arrival of their new son. What makes the video even more special are the rowdy background singers: Chad’s eight kids!

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Chad Bramlet

In the video, you can hear the whole Bramlet family inject some fun lyrics into their video parody. Chad sings about how he wishes his son would turn out to be a Dallas Cowboys fan because his entire brood supports the Seattle Seahawks. The family looks like they’re having a blast as Chad continues to belt out the country tune like the crooner he really is.

Chad and his family are not the first to create a musical pregnancy announcement. In 2015, Christian singer and YouTube star Beckah Shae and her producer husband, Jack, spun the Meghan Trainor song “Lips Are Movin’.” For their version, they renamed the pop track to “Our Family’s Growin’.” The video now has over a million views on YouTube. According to reports, the production was a family effort as it was Beckah and Jack’s kids who came up with the adorable choreography.

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