Construction Worker Rescued by Fire Team

Construction Worker Rescued from Blazing Fire


While firefighters were battling with a huge fire at an apartment complex in Houston on March 25, 2014, a dramatic scene was caught on camera. A construction worker, trapped on the fifth floor, appealed for help as the flames rapidly advanced towards him.

In the footage, the man was forced to leap from the balcony to the floor below just to avoid the huge flames. Karen Jones, who witnessed the incident from a nearby building, shared to ABC, “When we saw his foot slip, it was just like,’ uhhhh oh God he’s going to fall. We thought he was going to be gone’”.

When firefighters were able to get him with a crane, part of the wall above suddenly collapsed. Fortunately, the two avoided the falling debris and the construction worker was taken to safety.

The construction worker, whose name remains unidentified, was given first aid at the scene and was then released. Also, the fire at the apartment complex was brought under control.

At the end of the day, there were no reports of injuries.

Watch the amazing footage of the rescue of the construction worker:

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