Couple Adopts Four Orphans

Couple Adopts Four Orphans at Once, Then They Hear This Surprising News


Everyone knows that while blood and shared last names bind a family, it is love that truly makes a home. A number of modern families have turned to adoption to complete their brood. It is astonishing and heartwarming to see the sacrifices people are willing to do just to give orphaned children the life they truly deserve.

For Tyler Nichols of Mansfield, Texas, the subject of adoption hits close to home. His own grandfather was separated from his six siblings by the foster care system. All the years the siblings spent apart were drenched with nothing but sadness and grief. Unfortunately, not many families are willing to take a group of children all in at once, so it would take decades for Tyler’s grandfather to find his brother and sisters again.

Couple Adopts Four Orphans… Until Unexpected Sibling Arrives!

Inspired by his grandfather’s story, Tyler Nichols and his wife, Beth, sought to adopt a sibling group. The couple had been planning to start a family together for a while, and adoption had always been their number one option.

“If we could keep a family together, that’s what we would really like to do,” Tyler said.

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Adopt 4 Orphans At Once

Tyler and Beth began consulting different adoption agencies across the world. Their only request was that the sibling group should be composed of 2–4 children. Time passed, and one particular agency finally contacted the couple. They informed them of a group of four traumatized children. The agency would later surprise the couple by announcing that they had one more baby sister that was in need of a family as well.

At first, Tyler and Beth were unsure about taking in the five children at once. But they took a leap of faith, packed their bags, and flew to Bogota, Colombia, to meet the kids.

Love at first sight: family of two instantly becomes a house of seven

As soon as Tyler and Beth met the five siblings, they knew they were going to be a family. Yohan (9), Patty (8), Wilson (7), Oscar (6), and Heidy (4) were naturally nervous to open up to their would-be parents at first, so the couple made it a point to bond with them for the next seven weeks. Despite being in an unfamiliar territory, both Tyler and Beth opened their hearts to the children and learned what it was like to be parental figures for the first time.

Perhaps it was 8-year-old Patty’s story that inspired the couple the most. As the eldest sister, she played the role as mother to her younger siblings. Patty was only six when their parents left, so she did not have a chance to enjoy her childhood. For years, she struggled with anxiety and stress as she coped with the dramatic shift in her life.

Fortunately, this story has a happy ending. The family of seven now share a loving home in Texas, proving to the world that the true nature of parenthood lies in love and not DNA.

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