Couple Married for 72 Years Dies an Hour Apart While Holding Hands

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The word “forever” is somewhat overrated. However, this elderly couple has proved to everyone that if there was ever a love that would withstand the test of time and death itself, it was theirs.

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94-year-old Gordon Yeager has been married to his wife Norma, 90, for 72 years. A tragic car accident sent both of them to the hospital. Although they were separated for about an hour before they passed away, their locked hands never let go, proving that there is an eternal love.


The couple’s youngest son, 62-year-old Dennis, told Mail Online that “They believed in marriage. They chose each other and once they had committed, that was it.”


According to Dennis, the couple loved to spend the day walking Radar, their little Yorkie dog, socializing, and watching sports. The pair celebrated their seventieth wedding anniversary, a rare achievement in today’s standards, with their family.


Dennis added that his parents weren’t the usual 90-year-olds. He recalls a time that his father would say that he can’t go until his wife does. He said that according to his dad, he has to stay here for her and that her mother would also say and do the same thing.


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