Couple Welcomes Twin Boys

Couple Welcomes Twin Boys After Losing Their 2 Sons in a Car Crash



The loss of a child is a tragic experience for any parent. It brings about a degree of suffering that is hard to escape. For this North Carolina couple, an unimaginable amount of grief struck their family when they lost their two young sons in a car crash. But while the hole in their hearts would never be filled again, the birth of two new surprise additions to the family was enough to help them heal.

North Carolina Couple Welcomes Twin Boys Two Years After Losing Their Two Sons in a Tragic Crash


Two was the number of children Gentry and Hadley Eddings lost in a tragic car crash. Two was also the age of their son Dobbs when his life was tragically cut short. His newborn brother, Reed, died two days after being delivered via emergency cesarean section.

This nightmare first haunted the Eddings family two years ago.

But two years later, they bore two little angels to help ease their pain. Whether you believe in miracles or not, you have to admit that this is an extraordinary story. Both Gentry and Hadley were so moved by what happened that they decided to name their sons after the older brothers they’ll never get to meet. Isaiah Dobbs and Amos Reed were born just last Monday and the couple couldn’t be any happier.

“God has our boys in a place of peace”

The night of the crash also marked the couple’s sixth anniversary. They were accidentally rear-ended by truck driver Matthew Blair Deans, who was just 28 years old at the time. Deans was sentenced to one to three years in prison for involuntary manslaughter.

The couple showed an extraordinary amount of faith and forgiveness during the hearing, even publicly stating that they forgave Deans in spite of the pain he brought to the family. In a joint statement released that same year, the family said,

“God has our boys in a place of peace, so I am in a place of peace. 

“God has a plan. The situation is a frustrating one. We don’t want to be here. We don’t like it. This is not a fun situation. We’re mad at the loss. But we know God is good and has a plan and we believe that.

“I hate that this happened. I don’t like it at all. But I can trust God even when it’s really hard. I just trust it. I have to, I have to,” Hadley added.

Deans was released from prison after serving a year and three months.

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Eddings Twins

Following the incident, friends of the couple set up a GoFundMe page, which managed to raise more than $200,000 over the past two years. The couple chose to have donations sent to Mission of Hope Haiti instead, having both served in this charity before.


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