Creative Wigs for Cancer-Stricken Girls …Watch Them Become Princesses




Every kid has dreamed about dressing up like their favorite fictional characters. While some little boys want to pretend they are the Avengers or other Super Heroes others imagine themselves up in the skies riding a magic carpet like Aladdin.

Most young girls, on the other hand, love to wear fancy ball gowns like the Disney princesses—Snow White, Cinderella, or the Little Mermaid—or be the popular Snow Queen, Elsa, for at least a day.

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Bree Hitchcock and Holly Christensen came up with a wonderful idea with an aim of putting smiles on the faces of kids who are bravely battling cancer, thus giving birth to the Magic Yarn Project.

According to the GoFundMe page created by Bree and Holly,

“Magic Yarn creates soft and beautiful yarn wigs for little warriors who are bravely battling cancer.

Chemo treatments often leave patients’ bare scalps too sensitive for traditional wigs. To create head coverings that are warm, comfortable, and  giggle-inducing, Magic Yarn volunteers crochet extra-soft ‘baby’ yarn into beanies, and then transform them into storybook hairstyles.

All of our wigs are free to their recipient families, in hospitals nationwide. We rely solely on monetary donations to pay for supplies, shipping costs, and logistics.

Please donate to support the creation and distribution of functional head coverings, that provide a magical escape from a child’s post-chemo world.”

The wigs created aren’t just ordinary wigs. They are extremely special as they make the kids feel like their favorite Disney princesses, whether it’s Ariel from The Little Mermaid or Elsa from Frozen.

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Holly was a former nurse in a cancer ward. The first-ever Rapunzel wig she created was for a friend, whose daughter was about to undergo chemotherapy. Soon thereafter, everybody else she knew wanted to have a wig of their own.

What’s so amazing about these wigs is that they aren’t just beautiful, they are also practical. “The chemotherapy leaves their skin very tender and sensitive,” she explained.


Holly ensured the Magic Yarn wigs wouldn’t cause any irritation to the skin of the wearer. She also said that the materials they are using are super soft and cozy, which is indeed an advantage against the scratchy undersides of common wigs.

As of now, Holly and Bree are still raising money to buy supplies and materials to make more wigs, which are given away for free.


In an effort to extend their reach, the pair is trying to launch Magic Yarn as a nonprofit organization.



For Holly, every part of the cause is very rewarding. She just said, “To bring a little bit of magic into such a difficult time in their life is so rewarding. It’s almost equally so rewarding and magical to meet people who want to help.”



Watch these videos below.


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