Dad Finds Brilliant Way to Recycle Crayons from Restaurants and Schools


Don’t throw out those old stubby crayons, there are still numerous ways to still use them, like this innovative dad did with leftover crayons that are thrown out by local restaurants and schools. Meet Bryan Ware, he has come up with a brilliant way to recycle leftover crayons that are thrown out by melting them down and creating new crayons for children at hospitals.

In 2011, Bryan was celebrating his birthday at a restaurant in 2011 when he noticed that the waiter brought his two sons some crayons. He asked the waiter where the crayons go after they’re done with them and discovered they are thrown out. So instead of just letting them go to waste, Bryan came up with the idea to recycle them that led to the Crayon Initiative, which delivers crayons to hospitals throughout California.

Up to 75,000 pounds of crayons gets thrown away by restaurants and schools every year. Bryan Ware found a brilliant solution and melts them down, so it can be used again by the kids in the hospitals.

He makes 96 new crayons each time he pours the melted crayons into special custom molds.

These crayons are thicker and easier to grasp for young children and kids with special needs and they’ve already delivered more than 2,000 boxes in hospitals throughout California.

Bryan shared with us, “If these crayons give them an escape from that hospital room for ten minutes, we did our job.”

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