Dad Reunites with Daughter His Ex-Girlfriend Left at a Homeless Shelter 5 Years Ago


Years after his ex-girlfriend ran off with their child, a father has been reunited with his estranged daughter.

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When his daughter was only two years old, Bryan Thouvenel from Oregon had to search for his child. Harmony Rain Thouvenel was taken over the state’s border by her mother. The father-of-three spent years trying to track them down, but he could not find his precious daughter.


Then in June of 2015, one of his friends called up to tell him he thought he had seen Harmony at a Salvation Army homeless shelter. Right away, Bryan and his mother got into a car and drove hundreds of miles to Spokane, Washington.

In her absence, he had been granted custody of his child in March 2015. He went to a courthouse in Spokane and Harmony’s mother was ordered to bring her to court.


He was granted custody in Spokane. After the court hearing, a police officer had him wait on a bench outside the courtroom. He sat there, and then he saw his daughter walking out of the courtroom by herself.


He saw Harmony looking around, so he called her name once. At first, she just looked at him. Then Bryan said, “Harmony, it’s Daddy.” Her eyes lit up.

For two years, Bryan fought to be a part of Harmony’s life, and it was all worth it when she came back into his life.

Since he has publicly shared his story, Bryan’s ex-partner has also gone public to criticize him.


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