Down Syndrome Kid Had a Dream Everyone Thought Was Impossible …Find Out How He Succeeded!

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It’s normal for a boy to dream to become a famous body-builder, but what makes Collin Clarke so special and inspiring is that he’s not the usual body-building fan you think he is. The 22-year-old has Down syndrome, a condition that causes the patient’s muscle strength to weaken because of hypotonia.



But the Bob’s Gym North employee remains undeterred despite his condition and still wants to pursue his dream. For a year now, Collin has been training with Glenn Ubelhor, a body-builder himself. He has already lost 60 lbs. He’s even set to participate in a competition this November 14.



In an interview with 14News, Collin remarked, “I feel great! I’m so happy going in, body-building’s in my blood, and I always wanted to do it, ever since I was a kid. The reason body building has been my passion, because I watch Glen, I watched body-builders all over the world, and they inspired me to work harder, and train harder.”boredpanda


Collin even sent advice to people like him who think they can’t pursue their dreams because it’s too big for them. He said, “Never give up, never quit, try harder, push harder, and just give it your all!”


If Collin Clarke can do it, then there’s no reason that you can’t. No matter what kind of dream you have, you should always work hard to achieve it. Dreams do come true, and this amazing man just proved it.



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