Dramatic Rescue of A Dog and Its Owners Drowning in High Seas

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Caught on video by Animal Planet is a dramatic rescue of a dog and her owners after their boat sank in the 25 Hauraki Gulf, New Zealand.

Paul Dickinson and girlfriend Tina Keagan were on board in a thirty seven feet boat called Tormentor with their six year old Staffordshire bull terrier, Priscilla. The boat was capsized at sea and was slowly sinking when helicopter rescuers led by Jack Stewart arrived.

Jack saw the couple struggling in the water. He strapped in the winch fifty feet to the water and saw Paul bleeding. He immediately took Paul into the dinghy and went on to save Tina and the dog.

The sole rescuer had to make a crucial decision to save Tina before Priscilla. After more than twenty minutes, the couple was safe in the helicopter but the dog was nowhere to be found.

Priscilla was washed inside the boat, she climbed to the cushion which was just enough to carry her weight but the big waves threw her back to the sea. When Jack finally saw the dog struggling in the huge waves after being washed away, he hurriedly came to the rescue and successfully brought her to the helicopter.









Jack recalled it was a happy ending and a unique experience for him who happened to be a dog owner as well.



Watch the video below:


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