Drive-Thru Wedding: Couple Gets Married at a Drive-In Movie Theater After Wedding Was Canceled Due to COVID-19

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With the spread of the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19), a lot of events have to be canceled. A lot of gatherings have to be postponed to a later date, even as late as next year. Classes have to be suspended, and government sessions need to be moved online. And now, even weddings have to be done differently.

A good example is a couple from Texas whose wedding got originally canceled due to coronavirus, so their solution? To do it at a drive-in movie theater.

Couple Gets Married at a Drive-In Movie Theater After Original Wedding Gets Canceled Due to COVID-19

Bri and Lindsey Leaverton had a drive-in wedding after the coronavirus pandemic thwarted their originals plans. (Photo: Greg Fulks)

Bri and Lindsey have always been not-so ordinary. They knew each other through a dating site, met face-to-face 12 hours later, and became girlfriends three days after. They got engaged and were planning to marry on April 10, Good Friday, this year. Because for them, what better way to greet the Easter than a good ol’ lesbian wedding. 

But when COVID-19 started to strike Texas, the original wedding venue canceled on them and their plans had to be changed. They didn’t want to wait for another year to get wed, so their wedding planner decided to think outside the box, and by thinking outside the box, she meant holding the wedding at a drive-in movie theater.

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Since most drive-in theaters had to close due to the disease, the couple had to scour the entirety of Texas just to find one that is still open, and they stumbled upon Doc’s Drive-In Theater in Buda, Texas. (Doc’s is still open as it serves food for takeout, which is considered an essential.)

The big day came on April 28.

The theater had a 95-car limit, and the couple estimated a total of 85 cars in attendance. 

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“We asked everybody to come in their PJs, and to decorate their cars, so our straight friends were putting rainbows on their cars,” Lindsey shared.

Lindsey walked down the aisle with her twin daughters, while Bri was walked by her sister. 

Of course, the day wasn’t without difficult moments and had to be done differently. For one, they had to observe a six-meter distance from their guests.

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Lindsey said, “There was a moment when I saw my parents in their car, I completely got choked up overwhelmed with emotion . . . I loved that they were there, but it killed me not being able to embrace them.” But she added that despite everything, “I think we made some really sweet lemonade out of some really rotten lemons.”

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