103-Year-Old Woman Celebrates Her Birthday Dressed as a Wonder Woman


Mary Cotter is a real-life wonder woman. She helps people, she is a longtime volunteer, and aside from that, she has also celebrated her 103rd birthday. She’s very amazing, to say the least, and everyone is wondering what’s the secret behind her long life.

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To celebrate her 103rd birthday, she thought of doing it differently. So she dressed up as Wonder Woman and celebrated her special day at the Montclair Senior Center in California where she has been volunteering. You’ll be more amazed with the fact that she has been volunteering at the center for the past 25 years!


Mary Cotter is called by the occupants at the senior center as their “barmaid” as she serves them coffee, tea, and water. Her amazing costume was provided by her friends and boy did it fit her perfectly.


But it’s not just her volunteering and age that make this incredible elderly awesome. She has aided in the rescue of sea turtles in her 90s, and she also acted as a swimming instructor during her 60s, which helped her win a state swim championship in 1930.



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So the question is, just what is Mary Cotter’s secret to a long life? She answers it in a very simple manner: “Just keep busy, I guess.”

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