25 Photos of Elderly People Having The Time of Their Lives


Who says only the young ones can have all the fun and look awesome? Grandma and grandpa will not allow that to happen. Well, maybe not all of them will agree but these 22 photos will show you that they are entitled to some “awesomeness” from time to time.


1. Grandpa isn’t too old to have some game of Halo 2. 

Grandpa Playing Halo 2

2. And he’s got those six-pack abs…

Six Pack Abs Grandpa

3. Is Grandma being sent to the Olympic games any time soon?

Cheering Grandma

4. His wife won’t let him leave the house without her so off they go for a ride. 


5. No, she’s not here to pick up her sneaking grandchildren. She’s here to watch the game, too!


6. This is real compassion. 


7. If you can’t beat them, join ’em!

Grandpa Playing Bowling

8. Mohawk and spiky hairstyle looks as good on this fellow as on any teenager. Or way much better?  


9. Speaking of singing bands, he’s seen and heard more than you did in your entire lifetime.


10. The party’s much more alive when Grandma’s in the house!

DJ Grandma

11. This astronomy guy are the ones you should be hanging out with more often. 


12. Isn’t he a cool mascot?


13. Oh boy, Grandma’s having a good time with these hunks!


14. It’s never too old to earn a medal. 

Senior Athletes

15. Baked goods, anyone?


16. This guy’s definitely a fan. 


17. Bringing back the old times…

Oldies having their Gym Exercise

18. Losing this couple won’t be much of a hassle.


19. Look at this couple’s way of having fun… 


20. This is now our favorite pastime. 

Dancing Seniors

21. If you can do this, so can we!

Graffiti for the senior Citizens

22. Yes, we do love dressing up!


23. My first gunfire was a blast!


24. I’d buy my wife a card, just like in the good old days.


25. Yes, forever exists. But you both have to make it work. 


Now, listen to this grandma rapping. Hope you enjoy it!

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