5 Touching Stories That Will Restore Your Faith In Love

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Times have shown many people that love could be temporal. It either will be lost along the way or be gone forever with death. But these couples prove to us that love is a many-splendored thing that should be cherished, no matter what the cost or the circumstances. Read on to restore your faith in love.

Love Knows No Time and Distance

Woodford and Irina McClellan met in the Soviet Union in the early 1970s while Irina was working for the Institute of World Economy and International Relations and Woodford, a professor from America. Thy fell in love and a short while after, they got married. But the time they were together was to be shortlived for Woodford’s visa had expired and he had to leave the Soviet Union.

For years, Woodford attempted to visit his wife in Moscow but was always denied entry. Irina, also,  was not granted permission to leave the country without a valid reason.

Despite the distance, the couple kept their marriage strong and marked special milestones through cards, photographs and phone calls. This went on for 11 years.

Finally, in 1986, Irina was granted permission to move to the United States. At last, the long wait was over. The husband who bid her goodbye a decade ago in an airport a thousand miles away greeted her now with sheer excitement and open arms.

Their heartwarming love story is captured in Irina’s book, Of Love and Russia: The Eleven-Year Fight for My Husband and Freedom.

Six Decades Apart

Anna Kozlov had only been married for three days when her husband Boris left off to fight in the Red Army. On his absence, Anna and her family were exiled to Siberia by the tyrant Stalin without leaving word for her husband should he come home.

In his return, Boris looked for her in their shared hometown of Borovlyanka. Anna, on the other hand, was not allowed to visit it. So the two completely lost contact.

In Anna’s depression, she thought of ending her life. Seeing her daughter’s depression, her mother destroyed anything that would remind Anna of Boris, including wedding photographs. She eventually married. And, unbeknownst to her, so did Boris.

Years passed. Both their spouses died as well. Then something unbelievable happened.

Anna at last found a way to visit her hometown of Borovlyanka when she saw an elderly man in the distance.

By his figure alone, Anna could really tell who it was. It was Boris, who had come to the village to pay his respects to his dead parents. He had also noticed Anna and ran up to her.

In a fairy tale fashion, their love story finally found a happy ending. They had a second wedding and lived happily ever after.

The Notebook in Real Life

Here’s a love story that would surely remind you of the movie The Notebook. 

Jack could clearly recount the night he met Phyllis as if it just happened last night. In his diary dated October 4,1941, he had written: “Very nice evening. Danced with [a] very nice girl. Hope I meet her again.”

Sixteen months after their first encounter, the two tied the knot and settled in Kent, England for more than 50 years. Eventually, Phyllis fell into an agonizing case of dementia and she had to be moved into a nursing home.

Devastated though he was, Jack was not deterred and visited her at the nursing home every day. And every day, he reads to her from his diaries. Through photographs, he reminds her of their family and pets.

Phyllis may have forgotten many things in her life but she hasn’t forgotten how much she loves Jack. She’s always overjoyed when he arrives to see her. Jack and Phyllis have now been married for 70 years.

A Happy-Ever-After That Almost Never Happened

Ann and John became friends in high school when he would pick her up and take her to their Connecticut school. Ann was 17, while John was 21.

Ann’s Syrian parents nearly hindered the blossoming romance. Her father had arrange to marry her off to someone 20 years older than him.

Refusing to give up on love, John and Ann eloped to New York City in 1932. Ann’s father was enraged but was consoled with the thought that young love wouldn’t last.

On November 24, 2013, John and Ann Betar celebrated their 81st wedding anniversary – marking themselves as the longest married American couple. John is 104 and Ann, 98.

The couple’s love has born quite a brood. They had five children, 14 grandchildren and 16 great-grandchildren.

A Song for Sweet Lorraine

For Fred Stobaugh, love has no ending. It could even carry on after the beloved person is gone.

The death of Fred’s wife, Lorraine, had been a hard blow to him. Lorraine was, according to him, the prettiest girl he ever saw. They married in 1940 in Peoria, Illinois and their romance was always happy and wonderful. They had three kids and four grandchildren. After 73 years of marriage, Lorraine passed away.

Fred, who is now 96, lives on and tries to mend his broken heart. One month after his wife’s death, he came across an ad for a local song-writing contest. He admitted he is not a musician nor could he sing a tune, but he wrote one of the most beautiful and heart-wrenching songs that soon became a hit.

He may have lacked the musical skills to record “Sweet Lorraine”, but he sent in the lyrics along with a letter. Green Shoe Studio was deeply moved with Fred’s story that they decided to make his song come to life. Then they made a short documentary titled A Letter From Fred to show the world Fred’s story.


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