80-Year-Old Man Buys Wife a Diamond Ring After Having Endured a ‘Lifetime of Hardships’

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Most men, when certain that they want to spend forever with a woman, buy rings as a symbol of their commitment.

However, for an 80-year-old man in Xinjiang province in China, that is a luxury he couldn’t afford.

Until now.

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The image of the man gifting his elderly wife a diamond ring is making waves in the Chinese social networking site Weibo and has now been shared thousands of times over the Internet.

Upon investigation, the Xinjiang Internet Office found the jewelry shop where the man was seen. They discovered that the couple visited recently, with the man asking for a “reasonably priced” diamond ring.

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The salesperson who attended to the elderly couple, Zhou Lanlan, said that after having his wife try on the ring, he paid with a huge roll of bank notes that Zhou believed may have been his entire life savings. The man told the staff that he just wanted to make his wife happy after a lifetime of struggles by his side. “We’ve been leading a hard life. I just hope to cheer her up,” he shared.

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Zhou took photos of the couple, and in hopes of inspiring others through his customer’s romantic gesture, posted the story on Weibo.

Members of the site were touched by the story, some even admitting to shedding a few tears.

With the story spread all over the word, there is one statement that people from all corners would agree on: the man’s gesture of buying a diamond ring for his wife all these years later is an act of true love.

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