After 70 Years, This War Veteran Is Finally Meeting His Wartime Girlfriend Again

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When he knew he was finally meeting his long-lost girlfriend again after 70 long years, Norwood Thomas couldn’t contain his emotions.

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The 93-year-old World War II veteran from Virginia Beach is set to fly to Adelaide, Australia, just to be reunited with her 88-year-old wartime girlfriend, Joyce Morris.

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Before the upcoming personal meeting, Thomas and Morris were already reunited and shared a good two-hour conversation through Skype. They recalled all the time they spent, from the moment they met till the day they had to go their separate ways. In the same video call, Thomas expressed his desire to see Morris in person.


Many things have changed during the time they were separated from each other. Thomas has been having health problems and now lives off a fixed income. Morris, on the other hand, is currently living in Australia but has already lost much of her vision.

Thomas and Morris’s love story went viral, and because of it, many people have pledged financial help so the elderly couple can meet again. A total of $7,500 was raised to cover the cost of the trip, and a local airline also volunteered to send Thomas to where Morris is for free.

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Thomas was touched by the online community’s generosity. He said that he’s excited about it but at the same time nervous about what he’s gonna say when he finally meets her face to face after a long time.

Thomas and Morris will meet this February and are expected to spend Valentine’s Day together.

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