When His Sick Grandma Couldn’t Make It to His Wedding, This Man Staged a Heartening Surprise


Brian Kurtulik and his grandmother Peg McCormack always have always had a special bond. He knew she wanted be a part of a very special event in his life—his own wedding.

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Unfortunately, Peg had suffered a broken ankle and couldn’t make it to the wedding. What she didn’t know was that her grandson was willing to conquer the odds just to make her feel like she was a part of it. What he did next might have just been the most heartwarming moment in their lives—right after Brian married his bride, Lauren, he paid a visit to his grandmother.


Peg was all dressed up in her reception clothes and corsage, but she had apparently no clue that Brian and Lauren were coming. They paid her a visit in the New Jersey Rehabilitation center where Peg was recuperating. There to capture the moment were Charles Anthony Studio and Rachel Nolan of Hello Gorgeous Photography.

“She was all dressed up and just hanging out, like she was there in spirit,” Lauren Kutalick said in an interview with ABC News. The couple were wed also in the same New Jersey church Peg got married.


“I walked in first and her mouth flew open,” Lauren recalls seeing her new grandmother. Bewildered at first, Peg realized that it was her granddaughter when Brian came walking in after. “She kept saying, ‘I have a granddaughter. I finally have a granddaughter.'”

Growing up, Brian had lived close to his grandma, so he credits most of his happy childhood to her. “She lived only a half-hour away and was a big part of our lives growing up,” Brian said. “Anything going on in our lives she was there. She lived from party to party.”


‘There she sat in her wedding outfit, thinking of her sweet grandson on his wedding day with no idea of what was to come,” photographer Nolan told ABC News. “She truly had no idea that Brian and Lauren were going to take time out of their wedding day to come see her and I think that is part of what made it special.”

It seems like the spur-of-the-moment decision made by the couple proved to be the highlight of the day as evidenced by the heartwarming photos.


There was no dry eye in the room as Peg continued to delight in the simple yet unforgettable moment.


Sadly, Peg passed away a month after her grandson’s wedding. Brian remembers Peg for the happiness they’ve managed to give to each other. “It meant the world to bring the wedding to her,” he said to the Huffington Post. “It was such a small portion of the day to trade in for such a special moment.”

Brian had one wish: to show people that weddings mean more than fancy dresses and lavish parties. “They are about the little moments, the ones that you may never get back. Wedding days are about you and your partner together and the new family you are creating.”


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