Grandma with Dementia Receives Baby Doll and Couldn’t Be Any Happier About It


We have our own ways to make our Christmases worth-remembering. But Maxine Daniel, a local from Durham, England, has her own unique yet simple idea to make her family, particularly her grandmother, happy on the holidays.

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Though she knew her gift wasn’t that much, she thought it was a great idea to give her Nana Lilly a baby Annabelle doll.


“My Christmas gift to my lovely Nana Lilly (who sadly has dementia) was a Baby Annabelle doll,” Daniel shared on Facebook. “Her reaction is a joy to see and melts my heart.”


“Her dementia was progressively getting worse to the point that she had forgotten most family members, and her mannerisms became more childlike,” Daniel explained. “So I thought maybe a doll would help keep her mind occupied. I couldn’t have asked for a better outcome.”


In a video she posted on Facebook, her Nana Lilly is seen playing with her doll and treating it like an actual baby. She sings to it, cradles it, and showers it with hugs and kisses. When she heard it making noises, she then smiles and lets it burp. Later on, she wrapped it tightly in a soft blanket.

Daniel already told her Nana Lilly that it was just a doll, but it didn’t make any difference. For her, it was a baby.

Before having dementia, Daniel said that her grandmother was the most loving and caring person. In fact, she really loved to be around kids.


“She now has a sense of purpose and sits singing, kissing, and talking to ‘the baby,’” Daniel went on. “We can interact with her better, and her mood is transformed.”

Since she uploaded the video, it has received lots of views, likes, and shares. Daniel has also been contacted by different universities who want to use her video to demonstrate doll therapy to students.

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My Christmas gift to my lovely Nana Lilly (who sadly has dementia) was a Baby Annabelle doll. Her reaction is a joy to see and melts my heart ❤❤❤❤❤ with Corie
Posted by Maxine Daniel on Sunday, December 27, 2015


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