Grandmom, 89, Walks Down the Aisle Again – Not as a Bride but as Her Grandchild’s Bridesmaid


Want to make your grandmother feel young again? Then why don’t you make her one of your bridesmaids, like what this woman did.

Nina Betty, 89, was listed by her granddaughter as one of the bridesmaids at her wedding. This was something that came as a surprise for the elderly, considering her age, but fortunately, it worked out pretty well for Nina. As it turned out, she became the reason the party was happier than expected.

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The bride and her granddaughter, Christine Quinn, has a very strong bond with Nina. That’s why she was chosen as one of the bridesmaids. The amazing elderly stayed late and danced at the party, after the wedding ritual.



With her amazing sense of humor, Nina made everyone at the party experience a heartfelt laugh. Christine says that she tries to emulate the outlook that her grandmother has in life.


Being young is just a passing phase in our lives. As our ages goes up, our bodies also get old and we ultimately end up losing our young selves. But according to the young-at-heart Nina, you’re only old as you feel and during her grandchild’s wedding, she says, “I feel young today.”

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