Grandmother and Cancer Survivor Scores her First Tattoo …At Age 90!


If you ever reach 90 years old, what would you do? So what do you think would you want to do? For most of us, one is already lucky if he even reaches that age. Given that reaching the ninth decade of your life, it might be hard for us to do the things we longed to experience, but still we wanted to try something new. If you still can’t think of any adventure, learn from this granny.

Old but still lively Heather Brooks marked her 90th birthday by going on a trip to the Belly Bar in Canterbury to get her first tattoo. This grandma had this plan in mind and even did a countdown before she finally got the chance to have a pink ribbon etched on her arm, a symbol she chose to pay tribute to Cancer Research after acquiring and battling the disease herself for five years.

Heather was encouraged by her grandchildren who both have tattoos to get one and dedicate it as a sign that she survived the disease. The pensioner from the city’s Westerham Close said, “It is something that had never crossed my mind because I’m not actually a fan of them, and it’s more of a young person’s thing, but my grandchildren Aston and Kendal both have them and sort of talked me into it.”

This is the tattoo that Heather chose to remind her how she survived her battle with cancer.

“It just seemed to me to be a fitting tribute to Cancer Research, who do such good work. I owe my life to them. I am also lucky to have an amazing family around me. The nurses and doctors have been amazing, and now I have been given the all clear,” she said.

She said, “I think the tattoo artist at the Belly Bar was a bit surprised when I turned up, but once we had agreed on the design, he got to work, and it didn’t hurt at all. Now I feel a mixture of pride and a little embarrassment. I had to go for a blood test at the hospital this week and offer my arm, which I felt a bit anxious about, but the nurse just laughed when she saw it.”

In 1972, Heather went to Canterbury with her two daughters after separating from her husband. She had numerous jobs to support her two daughters before, including working as a receptionist for twelve years at Canterbury College.

Heather was diagnosed with bowel cancer five years ago and had to go through a lot of chemotherapy before she survived and got this tattoo.

Heather is said to be the oldest client at the Belly Bar, followed by 75-year-old broadcaster David Dimbleby who had a scorpion etched on his shoulder last November. As to why she agreed to it, Heather said, “You are only old once, and I have always wanted to have a tattoo.”

The manager of the Belly Bar Terry Wright said, “Heather is certainly our oldest-ever client and was great fun, a real bundle of joy. Her tattooist, Cat Meicu, used a very light touch, and I think the result is quite subtle and poignant. If she comes back on her 100th birthday, I will happily give her a free tattoo.”

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