Guinness Just Named This 96-Year-Old as the World’s Oldest Yoga Teacher


Tao Porchon-Lynch isn’t about to let her age stop her from doing incredible things. At 96 years old, she gets up in the morning to teach yoga to her devoted students, and she is just loving what she’s doing.

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Porchon-Lynch conducts her classes in her new hometown of Westchester Country, New York. She used to grow up in India, which influenced her passion for yoga.


Aside from practicing yoga for the past 70 years, she’s been active in the dance scene too. Back in the 1980s Porchon-Lynch won numerous dance sport competitions, specializing in the tango.


Porchon-Lynch got to show her skills on the dance floor recently when she appeared alongside her partner Vard Margaryan in America’s Got Talent. She got an astounding yes from all of the judges and a standing ovation as well.


Equally as captivating as her talent is Porchon-Lynch’s life.

She was born Pondicherry, a city heavily influenced by French colonists. Porchon-Lynch roots are a mix of her French father and Indian mother. Her good looks paved way to a rather glamorous life as a model and actress, starring in the 1954 film The Last Time I Saw Paris alongside screen legend Elizabeth Taylor. Her modeling career is pretty impressive too, landing campaigns with Coco Chanel and Jean Dessès.


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