After 77 Years of Being Together, He Still Loves Her—Even If She Can’t Remember His Name

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Love is like this box full of many things a man and woman share. There’s happiness, pain, and sacrifices. But perhaps, among others, it’s memories that make that box worth keeping. But what if you lose all those moments you’ve cherished for so long? Does love fade away too?

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Pat and Carmela Testa‘s story will tell you otherwise.

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Pat and Millie, as her husband fondly calls her, tied the knot in 1939. They first met in 1937 at a theater, where Pat was working and Carmela used to go to every Thursday evening.

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It’s 2016, which means it’s been 77 years since they got married. Pat says his wife is still a beautiful woman. She still walks and is pretty healthy—just that, she cannot remember anything, not even her own husband.

Pat knew there was something wrong, and later on, he found out his wife had Alzheimer’s disease.


Carmela slowly lost hold of the memories she and her husband shared. She forgot who he is. While her eyes are locked at his, she will still look for her husband.

But the cruel consequences Alzheimer’s brought aren’t enough to bring Pat down. The couple started living separately after Millie claimed they’re not married anymore, but every day, as long as he’s able to, Pat visits his beloved wife.

“I go see her every single day of the week that I’m able to. We just sit around, and sometimes, you know she’ll come up with some kind of a story, and I’m a good listener. That much more you can do because of her condition,” he says.


It’s not easy to hold your wife, knowing that she doesn’t even know your name, but for Pat, just being with her is enough for him.

“This is the way we spend our days together. Don’t talk much, but at least we’re together. I just believe that I gotta be with her,” he lovingly shares.


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