Husband Has Bought Wife a Total of 55,000 Dresses in the Last 56 Years


This elderly couple has truly pushed the boundaries of romance.

Meet 78-year-old Paul Brockmann who never fails to give his 76-year-old wife, Margot, dress after dress to wear when they go ballroom dancing. After decades of doing this throughout their relationship, Paul is auctioning the dresses off.

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Paul worked as a contractor. He purchased 55,000 dresses in total for his wife of 56 years out of a fascination with dresses and ballroom dancing.

“I was fascinated by the dresses from the ’50s. The petticoats and the wide skirts made a woman look real feminine. And that is what I really liked. When I seen a gal with a dress like that,” he said, “I wanted to get her on the dance floor.”


The dresses had come from all over the United States, ranging from yard sale purchases to even antique shows. His wife had never come with him shopping, because she had been too busy with the kids.

“Margot is the love of my life and has remained so to this very day. I followed her to the United States and was disowned by my own family for doing so back in the ’50s,” Paul wrote on his Web site.


Among Paul’s favorite styles was the ’50s-inspired dresses. Most likely it was because that was the time his and Margot’s love began to flourish. The couple met in Germany, but as time progressed, they moved from place to place with the dresses in toll. They ended up in Los Angeles, which they continue to call their home to this day.

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By the time the Brockmanns were in Los Angeles, they already had 25,000 dresses, which is half of the collection they have today. What is astounding is that Margot hasn’t even worn some of the garments yet.

“And I kept collecting dresses,” Paul told LA Weekly. “With my wife in mind that she’s gonna wear ’em. We went ballroom dancing every week, and I wanted her to have a different dress for every dance.”


Paul had only recently discovered that some of the dresses he purchased actually value more than he ever thought it would with the most he ever spent on a dress was $300.

“At the time of purchasing the dresses I really had no idea about designer names, but I am discovering dresses that date back to the 1940s from designers such as Oscar de La Renta and Vera Wang,” Paul told HuffPost.

The couple, who have two children together, have decided to auction off their collection when it was time to let go of some of their belongings in order to attend to medical bills. But don’t think they’ll be cleaning the closet entirely, as both Margot and Paul had decided to keep their favorites.

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