Husband is MIA For 68 Years …The Amazing Story Behind His Disappearance

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Billie Harris, an Army Air Corps pilot, was married just six weeks before he was shipped off for World War II. For his wife, Peggy Harris, this is the last known information about Billie for the next 68 years …until now.

At one point during the war, Peggy was informed that Billie survived the war and would return home. But the Army later broke the devastating news that he was killed in action.

Wanting to find out more about her husband’s death, Peggy looked for any record of his death, especially information as to where his remains were laid. But she could not find anything.

Frustrated, Peggy even wrote to the Congress, but still, she got nothing. Later on, Billie was classified as missing in action.

Finally, news reached Peggy that the Billie’s plane was shot down in Les Ventes, a Euro commune somewhere in France. He died in the same town, and a relative of the Harris family was informed that he was buried at the American cemetery in Normandy.





Peggy learned that her husband has been a legend in the small town. When she roamed around the place, she knew that the main street was named after him—Place Billie D. Harris.

In one interview, Peggy was asked how long she waited for her other half. Her simple answer—”All my life.”



Watch her touching video below.

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