61-Year-Old Granddad Is an Online Celebrity with His Impressive Six-Pack Abs and Insane Driving Skills


Sixty-one-year-old Liang Xiang from Chengdu, China, is turning heads as he proves that age is just a number. Not only does he have an impressive six pack, he is also aiming to be the oldest driver in the Dakar Rally car race that is held annually in South America.

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Liang Xiang Liang Xiang

This won’t be the first time Liang Xiang competed in the Dakar rally, the first being in the year 2012 with his son. Enticed by how thrilling the first experience was, they decided to continue with it once they had their bodies ready.

For his journey toward a healthy body, he had only begun ten years ago per advice of some of his friends. Prior to that, Liang used to work physically demanding jobs including one in the rubber industry. He began to set up his own lighting business after investing some hard-earned money. His interest toward keeping healthy started to ignite after he began to travel and found that he had difficulty keeping up with his job like before.

Liang Xiang Liang Xiang Liang Xiang

Eager to get in shape, Liang set up a strict diet for himself. The diet included regulating his meat consumption and hitting the gym often. Clearly, all his hard work paid off in the end as Liang now boasts a body that most of the younger generation can only dream of.

So far, Liang’s story has continued to inspire others. Users in popular social media site Weibo have dubbed him as a local celebrity of some sort. They shower him with compliments and have used his example to motivate themselves to get in shape too.

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