Meet Maine’s Oldest EMT, Who Drives an Ambulance at Age 87


Because of her age, everyone expects Edna Mitchell to retire and just enjoy her remaining years, living off her monthly pension. However, Mitchell chose to take a different path, and instead of staying at home, she spends every day providing service for those who need it.

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At the age of 87, Mitchell became Maine’s oldest emergency medical technician. After completing an EMT course in 1978, she volunteered to work at the Lobierty, Maine Fire Department and continues to answer the call of duty despite being physically weak. The most recent ordeal she responded to was a vehicle accident where the driver was left pinned inside his car.


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Thanks to her sense of duty, a lot of Edna’s family members, including her great-grand daughter, who got her first ambulance experiences at a very young age, and two other young girls, were inspired to become EMTs as well.


Mitchell has been an EMT for a long time now, and she’ll continue to heed people’s calls as her contract does not expire until December 2016. And according to her, once the contract gets completed, that’s about the right time that she’ll call it quits.

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