This Old Man Walks Miles Carrying 100 kg Sack of Flour Every Day All for $3


Each of us has a burden to carry, in form of financial difficulties, personal or family problems, or job difficulty. But we should not complain, because life is never easy. There are people out there who are stuck in a more challenging situation than you are, yet they never whine. Simply because they don’t have time for that, they’re busy trying to survive one day at a time.

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Meet Syed Abdul Ghani, an aging breadwinner from Peshawar, Pakistan. Every day, he back-carries 100 kilos of flour and walks for miles to sell it to a bakery in town—all so he could earn a meager $3.

He endured the back-breaking job for the past 25 years just so he can provide for his family.

So next time you feel like moaning how difficult your life is, how about you count the blessings you have received instead.

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