Old Man Posts Newspaper Ad Seeking Adoptive Family Who Will Take Care of Him in Exchange of His Pension


Seventeen-year-old Chinese man is willing to give all his pension and even his burial service savings to a family that will take care of him until his death.

Huan Qi has relatives and even a son, but they rarely visit him, so he decided to just exchange his monthly pension of 6,000 yuan to a caring family that will fill the empty void of his life.

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Huan Qi had a caretaker for six years, but she later got married, leaving the old man all alone. Xiao Yun, Huan’s carer was like a daughter to the him. Ever since she left, Huan had no one left to talk to in his house but himself.

The elderly man described his normal days as “miserable”, and the sheer emptiness of his house has left Huan completely sorrowful. Huan’s son is alive and well, but unfortunately he lives in a work dormitory.

His son’s visits are way too short that it feels like no one visited him at all. Huan’s siblings live faraway, and his granddaughter rarely visits him. Aside from his loneliness, Huan is also concerned with his fragile health.

After careful contemplation, Huan decided to offer his monthly pension to a family that is willing to love and care for him.

Aside from the pension money, Huan is also offering the selected family to live with him in his house without any rent fees, if the family is okay with it. However, all his property will be left to his only son if Huan meets his imminent demise.

Huan wishes to be buried together with his wife, who died in 1999. The expenses for his burial are already covered by a part of his savings.

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