‘Oldest Person to Ever Walk the Earth’ Found in Brazil and Is Living with Woman Half His Age


In August 2015, Guinness announced that the oldest living person is 112-year-old Japanese man Yasutaro Koide, but recently, a report came out that a man in South America is actually older than him—and this old dude is reportedly a bit of a player.

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A couple of Brazilian citizens came out claiming that in the isolated village of Estirao do Alcantara, they found an old man who’s currently 131 years old and is living with his wife, who’s only 62, with their 16-year-old granddaughter.

Nothing has been confirmed, but if his existence and age will be proven true, the man, who is believed to be Joao Coelho de Souza, will officially be the oldest living man on earth. He will also be recognized as the oldest person to ever walk this planet, taking the crown from Jeanne Calment, who only lived until she was 122.


The news was first shared by the social security workers in the state of Acre, who posted a photo of the birth certificate of the old man, dated March 10, 1884, to prove their claims.

At 131, the South American centenarian, shows little to no sign of slowing down. Reports have it that he has a 30-year-old daughter named Cirlene Souza, which means, he was more than a hundred years old when she was born.

Cirlene shared that her family has been accused of lying about her father’s age, which saddens her because no one seems to believe the documents they presented when in fact they have it checked by experts who confirmed its authenticity.


Kennedy Alfonso, the social worker who shared the photos, is asking their local government to help investigate the documents so Joao’s existence will be known to everyone.

The Guinness Book of World Records is yet to talk with Joao and his family, but everyone is hoping they’d visit him soon and verify his story.

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