Brave Pensioner Celebrates 91st Birthday by Skydiving from 1,181 Feet


The saying “age is just a number” may sound a bit too clichéd, but if you take those words seriously, it can give a huge impact on your life. That’s what Margaret Walton did, and she proved that she’s never too old for fun—in a very exhilarating manner.

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Walton, who lives at an over-50s community in Tweed Heads, New South Wales, celebrated her 91st birthday in the most adrenaline-pumping way. You see, she has her own bucket list, and she’s been itching to cross out skydiving off it for years. And it was only when she turned 91 that she took a leap of faith and enjoyed a free fall.

Walton, a former hotel receptionist, braved the heavens and went skydiving from 1,181 feet above Kirra beach, located on Queensland’s Gold Coast. The pensioner was so happy with the experience, saying it gave her a “magical feeling” and that she couldn’t be any more thankful that she was finally able to do it.

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However, it wasn’t really all fun and games for Walton. She experienced a bit of disappointment because she had a sandy landing. Walton had a knee reconstruction, and she said, “My knees got stuck in the sand and I toppled forward a bit. That was disappointing.”

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Despite having a bit of bad landing, everything went pretty well. Wayne Bishop, Gold Coast Skydiving instructor, said that he was impressed by Walton’s fearlessness. He said, “She surprised me. She was really switched on and embraced the whole experience. Even in the 45 seconds of free fall she was relaxed enough to enjoy it and not freaked out.”


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